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      The Laboratory studies geochemistry of natural waters of different composition from fresh water to strong brine
  • Groundwater geochemistry, geological evolution, and self-organization of water-environment system
  • Geochemistry of fresh waters and brines using physical and chemical modeling
  • Geochemistry of water in the Ob river basin
  • Geochemistry of fresh water and secondary mineralization in natural and man-made systems
  • Study of hydrogeochemical conditions of the main landscape zones in connection with hydrogeochemical prospecting and assessment of ecological and geochemical state of aquatic environment
  • Oil and gas hydrogeology
  • Environmental problems of liquid radioactive waste deep disposal
  • Microflora of groundwater as an indicator of the ecological state of the environment
  • Quantitative chemical analysis of natural waters and its development during geochemical mapping and geo-environmental study
Main tasks
  • Creation of a large database, dedicated to complete composition of water: chemical elements, water-soluble gases, organic substances and their microimpurities, microorganisms of geochemical cycles of carbon, nitrogen, iron, sulfur, and etc.
  • Identification of formation mechanisms of geochemical types of water based on the analysis of water-rock system geological evolution and redistribution of chemical elements in geological environment in the course of their migration
  • Development of models for mobilization of chemical elements from rock and identification of conditions for their concentration and dispersion
  • Design and implementation of new devices and technologies at water-management organizations and companies
  • Use of obtained materials and data for preparation of academic papers, dissertation and other academic materials and following use of these materials for training students majoring in hydrogeology, geoecology, water resources, geochemistry and geochemical prospecting of minerals, and etc. In addition, these materials will be provided to students for use in their term papers and independent research projects
  • Training, advanced training, and retraining of staff, having proficiency in water management issues
International Partners
  • Kent State University, Department of Geology (USA)
  • University Paul Sabatier (France)
  • China University of Geosciences (China)
  • Institute of Geology and Mineral Resources (Mongolia)
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