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Tomsk Polytechnic University propagates equal opportunities in education for all, especially it concerns people with disabilities. That is why the University pays close attention to increasing staff professional level in work with physically challenged people and to development of an accessible environment.

In March 2016, the University developed and signed an action plan (roadmap) for increasing accessibility rate of its facilities. It should solve the following goals: prepare TPU facility for use by physically challenged people (e.g. residence halls, sport facilities, and others), increase professional quality of the University staff, adapt academic programs for special needs of people with disabilities, encourage and facilitate job search and employment of disabled people, and develop tolerant environment by involving disabled people in public life of the University. It is worth to mention, that TPU researchers have developed a number of devices and software, that can be used by disabled people (e.g. vezdefon or mobile translator for deaf people).

Currently, TPU actively uses e-learning tools, allowing physically challenged people to receive highly qualified education. In addition, in 2018 TPU and University of Tyumen began joint activities in development, share experience, and support inclusive education.

Along with this, TPU uses its campus facility for conducting the Olympiad for disabled schoolchildren. Thereby it strives to involve people with disabilities into the University and the city public life.

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