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23.10.2012 Visitors

The author of several documentaries at BBC TV, Discovery Channel and Sky, famous British motivational and business coach, Ken Hames will give an open lecture “Sustainable Leadership: How To Manage In Changing Times” in TPU on 24 October.

Besides, doctor Ken Hames will conduct a series of training seminars “We Are In The Global World”.

Doctor Ken Hames, motivational and business coach, develops coaching sessions which are clearly focused on achieving your individual personal and business results.  He is one of the most authoritative coaches in Britain, who forms his training on giving people the opportunity to do extraordinary things.

Famous British Business-Coach Ken Hames Will Teach TPU Students Sustainable Leadership

His first TV show was The Trek, back in 1994. With the help of Princess Diana, he took 12 disadvantaged youngsters to the heart of Africa on a 500-mile journey over desert and mountainous terrain.  Diana described Hames as “the master practitioner in the field of training and development”.  Since then Ken has created and fronted adventure programmes for the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Five, CBBC, Sky and the Discovery Channel.

 “When I reflect upon the impact of this experience now I can now see how the journey allowed me to view work and life in a different light once I had returned.   In the workplace challenges seemed a lot easier to overcome than those we faced in Kenya and this has allowed me to approach projects and issues with a renewed sense of focus and clarity”, says Ken Hames about his tactics.

Ken conducted motivational and business coaching sessions for such companies as IBM, Microsoft, British Telecom and others.

Ken uses his vast and diverse experience to inspire vision in others through motivational speaking, coaching and leadership training. He is driven by the desire to help people to unlock their innate potential and is an expert in cultivating the positive behavioural practices which enable people to reach their goals.

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