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Konstantin Minaev

Head of Laboratory

Office 205, Building № 6 (9-V, Usova street, Tomsk)

ext 1729

General Information

The laboratory is a subdivision of the TPU School of Earth Sciences & Engineering.

The Innovation Research Laboratory for Drilling, Washing and Slurry Solutions carries out testing of drilling, washing and slurry solutions, grouting cement, aimed to improve technical, economic and quality indicators of well construction.The laboratory conducts fundamental and applied studies in drilling and cement slurries involving Bachelors and Masters.

In addition, the laboratory studies cement slurries, which include new polymer additives to increase sedimentation stability and reduce cement slurry to prevent wellbore leakage. It also studies new inhibitory additives and drilling fluid systems to prevent hydration, swelling and dispersion of clay rocks, and develops blocking compositions for killing wells, etc.

The laboratory is equipped with advanced training and testing equipment. In 2012, the laboratory was accredited in the Rosacredit system (accreditation certificate ROSS RU.0001.22CH70).

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