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General Information


Division for Foreign Languages of School of Core Engineering Education was established in 2017 by merging of five departments of foreign languages, which were previously the part of Institute of Natural Resources, Institute of Power Engineering, Institute of Cybernetics, Institute of Physics and Technology, and Institute of Humanities, Social Sciences and Technologies.


The division main function includes:

  • Support training process of the first and the second year bachelors, specialists and PhD students, including part-time students;
  • Support training process of students of Elite Engineering Education initiative;
  • Support training process in the framework of additional courses of foreign languages (German, Chinese, and French) and a course Foreign Language for International Academic Mobility (English);  
  • Implement advanced training program Translator in the Area of Professional Communication (English);
  • Organize and implement additional academic programs of foreign languages;
  • Methodological and pedagogical support of training process;
  • Organization of student extracurricular activities;
  • Development and implementation of new technologies and training methods of foreign languages.


Areas of scientific interests:

  • Theories and training methods of foreign languages;
  • Information and communication technologies in training of foreign languages;
  • Cognitive linguistics, psycholinguistics;
  • Endangered language and cultures;
  • Translation and translation studies;
  • Linguoculturology, philosophy of culture and philosophy of language;
  • Theoretical aspects of philology.

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