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Natalya Smirnova

Head of Laboratory

Office 312, TPU Science Park (2 building 33, Lenina avenue, Tomsk)

ext 2852

General Information

The laboratory was established in 2010 and is a subdivision of the Heriot-Watt Petroleum Engineering Approved Support Centre. Petroleum Geology Laboratory conducts research and engineering activities in petrophysics and geochemistry.

The unit carries out studies in petrophysics, aimed to determine the porosity and core permeability using both standard and advanced installations (GRI method). In addition, filtration plants can be used to study well-killing fluids, the effect of salt scale inhibitors on core porosity and permeability, and the acid treatment of core sample.

Along with this, in geochemistry, the laboratory assesses oilfield reserves based on a comprehensive analysis of the obtained geochemical data, such as the results of pyrolytic analysis of core and sludge, analysis of rock extracts using chromatographic and mass spectrometric methods. In addition, the laboratory team evaluates the current and initial generation potential of source rocks to identify promising areas for survey and exploration of petroleum fields.

The laboratory specialists also work in the field of geochemistry using reservoir analysis methods, providing solutions for a number of applied problems

  • Clarify the geological structure (identify blocks, which are not hydrodynamically connected to each other).
  • Clarify the conditions for the formation of the deposits.
  • Determine the presence of interstitial flows.
  • Separate accounting of products during the joint operation of oil formations.

The unit carries out training using advanced laboratory equipment and research works of students and graduate students.

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