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The StrAU Hard-to-Recover Natural Resources is dedicated to problems of searching and extraction of hard-to-recover oil, gas and water resources through concentration of advanced technologies and international collaboration. The unit develops methods for studying, estimating and calculating reserves of hard-to-recover hydrocarbons and designs innovative resource-efficient technologies and equipment for water purification and disinfection. Another area of the StrAU activities is the training of highly qualified specialists through recently developed academic programs in Development of Hard-to-Recover Oil and Gas Resources, Management of Development of Oil and Gas Fields on the Shelf, and Pure Water.

Valery S. Rukavishnikov

Head of the StrAU, Deputy for development of School of Earth Sciences & Engineering

+7 (3822) 42-61-73



The structural divisions of the StrAU:


Key academic programs:

  • Geology;
  • Geoecology;
  • Environmental Management and Water Use;
  • Double degree English Master programs in Oil and Gas Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, and Reservoir Evaluation and Management.


 The main areas of research and engineering projects:

  • Study of nanowireable oil and gas reservoirs;
  • Geochemical methods for localization of promising areas of oil and gas fields;
  • Geochemistry of hydrolyzate elements as a basis for improving water conditioning and purification technology;
  • Development of technologies and equipment for purification and disinfection of industrial and household wastewater.


Expected results of the StrAU:

  • Graduates will be able to organize the development of unconventional oil and gas resources, to manage offshore petroleum field development, or to implement advanced water purification technologies.
  • State-of-the-art research laboratory for studying unconventional oil and gas resources.
  • Original methods of search, evaluation, and involvement into the development of unconventional oil-gas resources.
  • Innovative technologies and equipment for deep purification of natural and technical water.


Results achieved in 2016:

  • Developed a complex method for determining capacitive and dynamic characteristics of nano-permeable reservoir matrix. The unit team has studied about 300 samples of the Bazhenov suite sediments and its analogs.
  • In collaboration with Heriot-Watt University and James Hutton Institute the StrAU team developed recommendations on methods for selection and modeling of fractured and nano-permeable reservoirs.
  • In collaboration with Gazprom Neft, the team prepared a specification for a project in Estimation of Oil and Gas Potential of the Pre-Jurassic Complex on the territory of Tomsk region. TPU is the project coordinator. 
  • The StrAU supervises projects implementation in development of deposits and creation of technological schemes for development of the North-Ostaninskoe deposit for Tomskgazprom.
  • Conducted study of fractured reservoirs of the Eastern Siberia for Rosneft.


Partners: Gazprom, Russian geological holding Rosgeologia, Rosneft, Gazprom Neft, University of Alaska (USA), and Heriot-Watt University (UK).
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